We are not always happy when we observe our living room, our bedroom or our dining room. Or we dream about what we would like to have in our new space, but we don’t have resources and time to do it.

interior design by interny

I’m an italian designer and I deal with home decoring and interior design for a few years.
I give my advice to:

  • who needs a professional figure for redistributing own interior spaces (home, shops ,pub, etc..);
  • who needs some furniture, colors or materials advice, and so much more (go to interiors);

  • who is for rent and wants to refresh own home, with very small and very cheap tricks (go to relooking);

  • Who is looking for inspirations, ideas and suggestions for an cozy and personal space (go to news).

But if you aren’t in this list? No problem! Send me an email at info@interny.it for request me some free information to realize a custom project!

Home design studio : 36071 Arzignano, Vicenza +39 346 7103124 info@interny.it