magic gold, klimt & boho chic style

Inspirations by the gold of Klimt masterpieces..


The gold mix with the color of the year: the orchid!

Boho means bohemien, a wandering style.. it's  full of exotic but elegant and chic decorings. Some advice:

  • don't combine the colors as you used to do..
  • chairs, lighting, bedsides, etc, are always different..
  • dare but dose fantasy..
  • flooring and wall are usually neutral..
  • a lot of colorized texture..
  • you fill the shelves with candles, oriental décors, statues..
  • your home will be original and unrepeatable, nobody will copy you!

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male interiors

interny thinks to men.. to their charm, to their elegance, to their mysteriousness...


Dark colors, the steel mix with the wood, the glass creates charming transparency..

All men should chose this style?

hot & cold living room

interny wanted to mix different colors and finishes..


Opposite tints and materials...

It's easy to fall in the unconscionable. You have to mix the colors but you don't make too cold a zone or too hot other one.

Which furniture could I use?

  • for the relax area you could a tender couch, a softness rug and a cozy armchair..
  • in the kitchen you could prefer metal countertop, meanwhile the cabinets are made by whiting wood..
  • the wall of dining room is red, the opposite color to the glass top table and the freestanding fridge..
What's your living room? More hot or cold?

moroccan style

Dreaming far, warm, cozy lands..colors and textiles..

interny is closed to a Moroccan style to help a young woman.


Textiles to the walls, why not?

The total white furniture is vanishing and the wall take color..
You put some textiles on the walls to recreate a cozy atmosphere and to touch a particular sensation. besides to the view, we find out the sense of touch on the material that is rounded us. we could prefer natural materials as cotton, flax or silk.

And if you join the Moroccan style, you could light a perfumed candle or some sticks of incense..

Do you like this style?

an elegant study room

What can I do to create an elegant study room, that don’t become boring?

interny helps you to design that room covered by old bits and pieces!


Where to start?

You could start to something that you lure.

We have started with the wallpaper, Signoria by Wall&Decò.

What can I add? Which colors can I use?

  • the colors have to be few but essential. In this room the flooring is dark wood and the door and the window are white, so we chose the orange and the tortora to complete the them color..
  • the desk is linear and minimal, varnished white or whiting oak..
  • and now..relax! we chose the Eames armchair by Vitra to take a break....
  • if you want to receive a friend or a client, we thought to insert a white table with two colored chairs("Reidar" by Ikea)..
  • two symmetric closet are elegant but at the same time functional and capacious..
  • pots and decorings? sure! they're located on wall shelves..
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scandinavian design

Here ‘s how recreate a Nordic design with advice Taken from web but revisited by interny:

  • light color on the wall, white is ok but you can dare with light rose or could be the wall behind the headboard or the principal wall of the living..
  • you could insert an armchair or a couch with color in contrast..
  • overload with wood! For the flooring, for the dining table, for the chairs..but you have to use different kind to not burden the space..
  • the linear style is mixed with harmonic and rounded bends of some accessorizes..
  • yes to pillows, blankets, rugs and textiles, ornaments.. but ONLY where it look like empty and cold..


constructive partnership... SPAZI FLUIDI

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"All is energy, I believe it. I believe to lift up elevate the energy, to change it, to fit it to soul vibration. I do it as an architect, using the Feng Shui."

SPAZI FLUIDI by MichelaMartini

Design: arch.MichelaMartini
Render: YasmineBenetti

from 10/02 to 10/03

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interny gives free furniture advice for a month.
The clients got detailed 2d drawings and exhaustive description of your new rooms with a lot of ideas and inspirations.

Design: YasmineBenetti

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